This weekend at Sonoma Raceway the official 3rd and 4th Rounds of the Trans Am West Coast Championship are scheduled to take place.

After Round 3 at Portland International Raceway was canceled the series decided that the best opportunity for a double header weekend would be more beneficial to have at Sonoma. Originally it was planned to have the double header take place during the last round of the season at Laguna
Seca, with the company of the National Series on track but this option will provide a better opportunity for the West Coast entries to have a clean race.

“We are excited to head back to Sonoma and continue our progress with strong finishes. We have had a top 5 finish in both races of the 2020 season and our goal is to get on the podium this weekend – and now we have two chances to make it happen!”, driver Michele Abbate shares. “This will be an excellent opportunity for us to get the experience of the amount of effort a double header weekend entails. I feel confident in our pre-race prep work and look forward to seeing it show on track”, crew cheif Anthony Philleo said.

Practice and qualifying will happen on Friday and there will be one 75 mile race on Saturday and another 75 mile race on Sunday. Trans Am shortened these races from their typical 100 mile races to help with wear and tear on the car, as well as to help cut costs for the competitors because of the short notice. There will be live timing available on website or on the Trans Am App, available on Apple and Android.

Michele Abbate is currently tied for 3rd in points, trailing 2nd place by just two points. She continues to be the only female in the world to be competing professionally in the Trans Am TA2 category and the Grr Racing team is actively seeking a title sponsor for 2021 to expand their efforts into the National Tour Series. The National Tour consists of ~14 broadcast events, livestream footage of the race, and the races are throughout the entire United States, coast to coast. No female has ever competed at this level in a full season of the National Tour series, and Michele has what it takes to win with joining an experienced winning team. If you are interested in this opportunity to continue to create history in motorsports please reach out to Michele directly at for more information.

Thank you for your continued support!

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