Abbate to Honor Brother at Road Atlanta with Special Memorial Tribute

Michele Abbate will carry her brother’s name and memorial on the side of her TA2 car for Road Atlanta

Abbate to Honor Brother at Road Atlanta with Special Memorial Tribute

Michele Abbate is set to return to TA2 this weekend, at Road Atlanta, with the Nitro Motorsports team in her bright yellow #30 GHOST Ford Mustang.  This will be her first Trans Am race of 2024 after a very challenging off-season following the 2023 finale at COTA.

Abbate’s older brother, Michael Abbate, professionally known as Sergeant Michael Abbate of the Nevada State Police, served the local Las Vegas community with Highway Patrol for over 10 years. He mixed his experience and passion for racing with driver education within the agency as the lead instructor and coordinator for EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course).

On 11/30/23, Michael was assisting his colleague Trooper Alberto Felix with an unresponsive drunk driver when another drunk driver struck both officers, killing them both and driving off.  Michael was 37 years old and is survived by his wife Vanessa Abbate, his 3 year-old son Vincent, his parents Mike and Judi Abbate, and his sister, Michele Abbate.

“It has been an extremely challenging few months, and every day has its struggles.  I wouldn’t have my identity without my brother, and I definitely wouldn’t be racing if it wasn’t for him. I am proud to carry his name and thin-blue line tribute on the side of my car for this event and I hope to raise awareness for our local non-profit, STOP DUI (, to keep impaired drivers off the roads both locally and nationally,” Michele shared.

Earlier this month, Michele held a fundraiser for her birthday for STOP DUI to help cover the costs of their Heroes & Handcuffs event.  She exceeded her goal of $1,800 and raised $2,309 towards the event that will be held on April 21st to kick off National Crime Victims Rights week.

“Heroes & Handcuffs is a special event that is held each year, where a family member presents a set of handcuffs engraved with their loved one’s name to an officer with an outstanding number of DUI-related arrests.  Those cuffs are then used to put more criminals behind bars,” Michele explained.

“I am grateful for STOP DUI and all of their efforts to actively help victims, support legislative reform, and provide education and awareness programs.  STOP DUI has made a tremendous difference in the anti-DUI mission, with a special thank you to Co-Founder Sandy Heverly,” Michele added.
Heverly’s involvement has contributed to Nevada enacting some of the toughest DUI laws in the nation – i.e. Mandatory incarceration for felony offenders, DUI victim compensation, crime victims oral impact statement, mandatory alcohol sever-seller training ordinance in Clark County, bail revision (Clark County Judges set the highest DUI bail in the country) open container law, DUI child endangerment statute, truth in sentencing, mandatory chemical testing for all DUI offenders, increased penalties for hit and run offenders, mandatory attendance for DUI offenders to victim impact panels, establishing .08 as the illegal BAC for Nevada and initiated vehicular homicide legislation to raise the penalty for DUI death after a third offense to a category a felony with a penalty of 25 years to life imprisonment. Sandy also successfully pursued the creation of a specialized DUI Prosecution Unit in the District Attorney’s Office.  If you would like to help support STOP DUI please reach out to Michele directly at to find out how.
Keep an eye out for the #30 GHOST Ford Mustang at Road Atlanta this weekend, as Michele looks to honor her brother on and off the track.  You can also catch the race on MAVTV live as well as on the Trans Am YouTube.



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